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Data Analytics
Data-informed design is important. Our professional platform will provide you with a keen understanding of the communities you work in through our census data and social infrastructure location maps. Our data-focused urban design tools will ensure that deeply understand the communities you work in.
Community Design
Empower your communities to be the decision makers. Our intuitive drag-and-drop community consultation tool enables residents the ability to design their own spaces and tell you what they would like to see.
Revenue and Alignment Analysis
Evaluate your design. Our analytics measure your design performance to ensure community design compatibility and revenue capability. Seamlessly toggle through and visualize community design ideas while reviewing our community alignment score and feedback. Add revenue information to your designs to simulate the monthly and annual revenue.
Use Cases
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Underutilized Spaces
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Public Realm
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Temporary Activations
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Our Mission
Empowering the Community Through Intuitive Design Consultation
Our intuitive community-design interface empowers residents to create their own open spaces. We provide a seamless collaborative design process that puts the community in the room with the practitioners.
Data-Informed Design
We provide a suite of tools to ensure data-informed design is integrated throughout the process. Our data mapping tools provide a valuable baseline understanding of the community while the revenue and community alignment score provide feedback and checkpoints throughout the design process.
Seamless Collaboration
We believe in the value of fluid and collaborative design with both internal and external stakeholders. Our interfaces visualize and quantify community design and feedback while providing resources for community outreach.
We prioritize tool universality. Our tools have been created to ensure that our clients can implement this software across multiple projects and geographies without coding or API adjustments.
A Synthesized Design & Consultation Process
Our process seamlessly aligns practitioner design, community design, and revenue analysis to ensure a highly-collaborative and iterative design strategy.
Initial Design & Data
The practitioner reviews the existing conditions maps and creates the high-level design outline.
Community Design
The community uses the tool's collaborative live-link to provide their design and programming ideas.
Finalization & Analysis
The practitioner finalizes the design using the community alignment score and inputting revenue data.
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